About Southern Oak Studios.


Southern Oak Studios is a woodshop in Chicago, IL founded by Woodworker and Artist, Kyle Wilson, that utilizes locally-sourced reclaimed materials to create new and lasting, custom wood furniture.

Originally founded in his grandpa's pole barn in St. Louis, Wilson began his company in 2013 with the simple idea that something old can be made into something beautiful again with just a few tweaks. "Early on, I fell in love with the process of bringin' in wood off the truck, rummaging through the pile to find those special pieces and then just spending hours in my shop sawing, sanding and restoring. I began to find that by salvaging scrap materials destined for landfills and salvaging old barns, I could take something forgotten and turn it into something treasured, solid and enduring for those around me."

Southern Oak Studios continues its vision and sources worn wood and scrap materials from Southern Illinois and the greater Chicago area to create timeless furniture for residential and commercial spaces.